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Why Southern Traditions
Your home is simply too important to fill with bargain-store
mass market hardwood from big box stores and hardwood
liquidators. Let us show you why.
Hand-Scraped vs. Machine Scraped
Our Result
Each piece of wood is read to determine its one-of-a-kind personality, the right tools and techniques are chosen to bring out the individual planks character so that every board is distinctively distressed and one-of-a kind.
Their Result
Identical scraping on each and every board looks massed produced and unnatural. Uniform scarping over large areas of a single floor looks like waves of water rather than natural wear and tear.
Dual-Hand Staining vs. Machine Staining
Our Result
Hand applying two coats of stain by brush rather than sprayed once by machine adds a depth and richness to the undertones that is usually reserved for the finishing of fine furniture.
Their Result
Mass spray staining on conveyer belts creates an unnatural and unexciting evenness that appears flat and boring.
The 30 Tools We Use vs. The One Tool They Use
Our Result
beautiful look and feel with natural-looking chatter marks, antique wear and tear to the edges and ends, distressing, scraping, worm holes and more, in different areas of each board, without repetition of patterns. Every board is individual and unique.
Their Result
Identical chatters in the middle of every plank, even over knots where they don't belong, make every board look like uninteresting carbon copy of each other.
Our Wood Core vs. Their HDF Core
Our Result
using 7 cross-hatched layers of real wood as our engineered core creates an ultra stable, ultra durable product that stands up to potential water or weather damage. This allows our product to be low in VOC's, meet E1 standards, and even surpass California's CARB regulations, the most stringent in the world.
Their Result
HDF cores are comprised of compressed paper and sawdust held together my massive amounts of formaldehyde containing glues that are neither green or healthy.
Hand-Scraped Machine-Scraped
Our Result Their Result